My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Mushrooms – Piece 1

For being a basement, it finally started to feel like home, Ryan thought to himself. He had spent the last two years of his life becoming an artist, while he was kept in the darkness in the bowels of his captor’s house.

He wasn’t alone. Lorena was about his age, sixteen, but she was still far from trying to make the best of the situation. Ryan didn’t blame her.

There were a few positives to living like this and Ryan tried to take advantage with what he had. The basement he was kept in was much bigger than his old room and, more importantly, he was surrounded by all the art supplies he needed. He was currently painting the farthest wall from the stairs into a beautiful blue sky when Lorena returned with Uncle John. It was his best piece of work – his masterpiece.

The locks clicked one by one – there were a total of seven. One light lit the room – it hung, and it swayed. Ryan always became blinded when the door opened, but through that blindly light he could see Lorena’s return. She was escorted in and brought to her cage. Uncle John kept all his captives in cages. He only trusted Ryan. Ryan was the only child that had more privileges.

Ryan continued to paint as Uncle John made his way to the wall. “Wow . . . Ryan you have outdone yourself again,” Uncle John said as he stared at the wall. “Did you need anymore supplies?” he asked.

“Sir, I am fine. Thank you,” Ryan spoke sullenly to his captor.

“Well . . . good work,” Uncle John said. Uncle John stared at it for at least a whole minute before he walked back up the steps and out the door. Seven clicks followed.

Lorena moved to her cot and wrapped herself in her blanket. She didn’t know that she would probably be dead soon.


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