My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Mushrooms – Piece 3

Mushrooms are feed shit and kept in the dark. Ryan was one of these mushrooms. He returned after a couple of hours with Uncle John. He walked to the back of the basement and Uncle John took a deep look at his artwork. He was very pleased. He left with a couple of paintings in tow.

He later returned with a gift – a flashlight. Ryan was more than happy to receive any kind of gift, but a flashlight would really help him with his artwork. “This better improve your work,” Uncle John said as he walked out of the basement. Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

Ryan smiled as he walked to the back of the basement. “What are you? Like his pet?” Samantha asked with hatred spewing from every word.

He finally had seen her face. She was beautiful, but so were the others. “Idiot, I’m talking to you,” she said.

He had a strange urge to draw her face, it grabbed him around his skull. He stared at her as he thought about how he could translate her features to canvas. The idea was calming and required a bit of focus which caused him to ignore what she had said.

“Hello? Are you slow or something?” she said as he walked up to the side of the cage. He wasn’t interested in anything that streamed from those lips just its features. He quickly ran off to the dark corner where we kept his supplies. He remembered to use his new flashlight and pulled it off the tiny table by the wall and with it, he went back and found his sketchbook. He sat down in front of her and began to sketch.

“I’m talking to you!” she screamed. Uncle John didn’t allow screaming in the basement. The sound of stomping feet shook the ceiling as Uncle John traversed towards the door to the basement. Ryan stayed in his little spot and began to draw the frighten face Samantha made. Perfect he thought.

Uncle John opened the door and his face was red with anger. Click-click-clickty-click ka-clinkty-click. Uncle John unlocked her cage and Samantha tossed everything she could at him – which wasn’t much. “Help!” she screamed as Uncle John wrestled with her. Usually Uncle John kept his sexual escapades in his room, but the first time a new captive broke a rule, he liked to show them who’s in charge.

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