My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Mushrooms – Piece 4

It never took long for the new captive to hate and distrust Ryan. Samantha stayed rolled up on her cot for two days with nothing to say. She even refused to eat any food that was brought for her.

“You need to eat,” was the first thing Ryan said to Samantha.

“Why?” she sobbed.

“There are worse things that . . .” Ryan was interrupted.

“Worse things then him!” she screamed.

“No, I meant . . . there are worse things he could do to you,” he said which made Samantha recoil back to her bed. Her exterior was already broken and she was now more afraid.

Ryan continued his work on his mural. He was about done. All that was left was a little dirt mound in the corner. “You’re actually pretty good,” Samantha said.

Ryan simply replied, “Thanks.”

“You know, if you help me, I think we can get out of here,” she said.

Ryan smiled. They all pretty much followed the same routine but they all had different paces. What Ryan realized that they went trough four different stages. There was the scared phase, the friend stage, the angry stage and the acceptance stage. Lorena, now deceased, had a slower pace, she stayed in the first phase for the whole time and didn’t reach the friend stage till it was time for her to leave. Samantha had already entered that stage and that stage was usually full of lies.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here. You know, me and you could run away,” she said as she held the bars to her cell. She lied, “We could just get out of here and find jobs. Maybe, even, I don’t know, have our own life. Me and you.”

Ryan wanted to laugh, but instead he continued his art without saying a word.

She slowly took a couple of steps back to her cot. She then screamed and flipped over her bed. The angry stage, Ryan thought to himself. She’s faster than the others.

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