My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

“The Horror Suicide Show” out now.

So I decided to self-published the infamous collection of stories that was responsible for the whole Trestlegate scandal. So without further ado I bring to you all for a $5 paperback. Also, use the coupon “RETAILMENOT25” to get it for $3.75. Buy it here.

“Silver Bullets”: A vengeful tale of love and immortality.

“The Online Devil”: Sit down and chat with the Grim Reaper – online.

“The Children That Watch Us”: A child’s grandfather finally grows crazy enough to fire his shotgun at his own family. After he’s put away, during the following Halloween the rest of the family learns why.

“The Horror Suicide Show”: In a booth where everyone can see you die, a woman takes her life. The others watch in amazement, because sometimes death is never enough.

“As A Dead Girl Rots”: Curiosity killed the cat and soon it will kill you too.

“Forever Tired”: A boy runs through a field for his life, carrying the only thing the murderous giant wants from him – his teddy bear.

“. . . Dinner With A Vampire. Bullshit”: A twist on the average vampire story. This time it’s the human’s turn.


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