My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Mushrooms – Piece 12

Author’s notes: This is a serial fiction about kidnapped children who live like mushrooms in a child rapist’s basement. Please start reading at Piece 1 if you are new to this serial fiction, found here

Ryan had already explained to Sam how she would die and now she was living the horrid details. It first started with the illusion of leaving.

Uncle John had presented Jolene to the two kids that lived in the basement. Ryan sat with his many supplies in a little suitcase as Uncle John had helped Sam with her stuff.

She tried to make eye contact with Ryan but he never looked up into her eyes. She had convinced the boy that she loved him and had earned the privilege of knowing what would happen to her.

Ryan carried the supplies upstairs as Uncle John held Sam’s hand. They walked up the stairs and into the kitchen. The room was cold and well lit. It was a very bright room and smelled like the inside of a container of dish soap. Ryan had always thought it was quite weird how a man who seemed so gross could live in such a clean house. Near the table he could see the tiny hole that sent light into the dark basement and he somehow stopped in his tracks.

“Ryan!” Uncle John yelled. “Come on.”

He snapped out of his daze and move with him through the hall. Uncle John and Sam had entered the room ahead of him and had already begun removing their clothes. Sam was pale and weak, but seeing her naked body had aroused Ryan. He didn’t know what to do, he was embarrassed, yet Uncle John had noticed him stalling in the hallway and grabbed him. He pulled the boy into the bedroom where he sat on a chair and placed a freshly stretched canvas onto his easel.

When he turned around he could see Uncle John forcing himself into Sam. She laid quiet, she seemed like she was already dead. Uncle John turned to him and screamed, “Paint!”

But he couldn’t. He stared at the two as Uncle John had began to strangle the girl. She tried to stop him but she was weak.

Ryan had a brush in his hand. The end had been sharpened. He knew he didn’t do it. He didn’t have the guts to even try. Sam had created the key to their survival and with it he walked over to the bed.

He lifted it high in the air and placed it between the last neck flexor of the spinal cord where the shoulders meet the neck. Uncle John fell forward and onto Sam.

He noticed in those two seconds that she had already seemed dead. Her eyes were gray with death but instantly as Uncle John’s grasp opened, her eyes fluttered with life and then pain filled her as Uncle John’s three hundred pound body slowly fell on top of here like a slow toppling domino.

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