My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

The Monolith – L. Vera’s Newest Serial Fiction

picture taken by: Robert Badescu



Applicants chosen to enter the monolith:

Kaitlyn (Codename: Freckles)

Brandi (Codename: Glasses)

Gabriel (Codename: Raven)

Katrina (Codename: Hazel)

Park (Codename: Lotus)

Paul: (Codename: Ice)

George (Codename: Snake)

Marina (Codename: Fire)

Mendy (Codename: Ghost)

Jack (Codename: Marsh)

Katie (Codeman: Water)

William (Codename: Yellow)

Brennan (Codename: Flyer)

Sarah (Codename: Blue)

Connie (Codename: Smiles)

Tegan (Codename: Bubbles)

Lawrence (Codename: Shorts)

Elizabeth (Codename: Earth)

Martin: (Codename: Genesis)

Gloria: (Codename: Rebel)

Steve: (Codename: The Key)

Simone: (Codename: Frenzy)

Nina: (Codename: Bones)

Sawyer: (Codename: Stone)

Jade: (Codename: Space)

Lexy: (Codename: Green)

Robin: (Codename: Tundra)

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One response

  1. fuonlyknew

    Can’t wait for this! I want it!

    February 27, 2012 at 11:17 pm

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