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The Thought Fish – Flash Fiction

It ate thoughts and swallowed them like bubbles. The “Thought Fish” was once believed to . . . wait I’ve forgotten why I have one.


Lost Finger – Flash Fiction

I lost a finger today. Oh no. I found it. 😛

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Diary of a Madman August 8th

**Author’s notes: This is the fourth piece, the first is found here

You can find the complete, professionally edited and extended book here along with two short stories for $2.99.**

An excerpt from the Saturday edition of the Greene Herald

Kurt Douglas, local lawyer and attorney, was released today.

According to police, Mr. Douglas was suspected of killing his wife on July 30th. The murder took place while Mr. Douglas was at a local restaurant with friends and family. They were gathered to celebrate the Mrs. Douglas’s birthday.

Mrs. Douglas was found stabbed to death in her home. Police suspected a home invasion till they looked into the couple’s insurance policy. Mr. Douglas took out an exceptionally large policy a week before the murder.

They were married for 3 years.

The police cleared Mr. Douglas on any suspicion of murder. No other suspects have been taken into custody. They are also looking for any information regarding the murder. If you have any information please call the TIPS hotline.

An excerpt from the Sunday edition of the Greene Herald

Around 6 a.m. Saturday, a 22-year-old man was found stabbed several times near the 100 block near Peak Highway.

Police were summoned to the scene and they found a man covered in blood underneath a broken streetlight.

The man, whose identity was being withheld pending next of kin notification, was said to have been walking home after a party at a nearby apartment building.

Police have questioned his girlfriend but she was released later Saturday afternoon. Police are asking for any witnesses to call the TIPS hotline.

August 8th

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning and noticed two pages in my Diary are missing. They were torn out.

I also don’t remember anything since the night I murdered T. I woke up feeling very tired and worn out. Nothing seemed out of place or moved, it just felt lived in. Like a sense of someone else being here. After I looked around and found an old notebook full of drawings and notes.

There was also a couple of Polaroids of Julie. Looks like he already did some research this weekend. But forget him. He only wants me to get caught. I can’t trust anything he leaves me. He’s worthless.

Looks like Vanessa is away. I haven’t heard a sound from her apartment.

The hunger burns at my throat. He better not get in my way.

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3 Different Seconds

Author’s Notes: One of my first stories, and by far the most popular. It was a look at helping write dialogue. I placed third in a contest with a previous story and the biggest complaint was the flat dialogue. This story is almost all dialogue and it also helps to understand that there are two boys being interviewed before you start reading.

Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:00 A.M.”How are you doing today, Martin?” Doctor Wurzbach’s voice entered through the static.
“Good,” Martin replied.
“If you do not mind Martin, I would like to go ahead and ask about the first time you discovered your ability,” Doctor Wurzbach said with his deep calm voice.
“Sure. Like I said before, it all just kind of happened. Well, I was out with my friends. We were walking home from practice and we got to the bridge across from the park. Michael jumped on the stone wall on one side of the bridge,” he stopped.
“Go on,” Doctor Wurzbach said.
“He fell… or so I thought he did. But…” he paused again.
“But he did not?” Doctor Wurzbach filled in.
“No. I grabbed his hand and well… he… um… didn’t fall.”
“So you saved him,” Doctor Wurzbach suggested.
“Well, I didn’t think I saved him. I just thought it was… I don’t know… ”
“So did you tell anyone about this?”
“No. I thought it might have been something… I don’t know… like maybe… I don’t know I couldn’t explain it.”
“So no one knew yet? Your parents? Your brother…”
Martin interrupted, “No one knew.”

Subject 2:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Christopher Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 10:30 A.M.

“How have you been Christopher?” Doctor Wurzbach’s voice cleared the static.
“Bad. I don’t want to be here.”
“Why is that?” Doctor Wurzbach asked.
“It’s cold and it stinks.”
“Well, I will see what I can do to better accommodate your stay.”
“Why am I here?” Christopher asked.
“To talk. To see why…”
“Look. I don’t see why…”
“How did you get those scars on your arm?” Doctor Wurzbach interrupted.
“What scars?”
“The scars on your arms… You know your parents are concerned.”
“No one asked them to be concerned.”

Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:05 A.M.

“Did you use it during your soccer games?” Doctor Wurzbach asked.
“At first it felt wrong. It felt like I was cheating; but it started coming to me naturally. I remember the first goal I made,” he cleared his throat.
“I made a run towards the goal and when I went to kick the soccer ball… I saw myself miss the goal. It curved high and to the right but then I was back. I was still running towards the goal. I paused and then corrected the kick. The next thing you know my team was screaming and crowding around me. I scored.”

Subject 2:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Christopher Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 10:33 A.M.

“Have you ever been punched?” Christopher asked.
“Well… yes,” the doctor answered.
“Have you ever seen yourself get punched 3 seconds before it happens? It feels like…” he paused, “it feels like getting punched twice.”
“The first time I realized I could see into the future I got the worse beating in my life. You know, you see it hit you, so you flinch. But it doesn’t come when it’s expected; it comes 3 seconds later. Of course, after a couple of times you kinda get the timing down but you still see twice as many fist hit you.”
“So you can see 3 seconds into the future?”
“Well… now I can see further.”

Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:07 A.M.

“So you can see 3 seconds into the future, Martin?” Doctor Wurzbach asked.
“Yes, about 3 seconds.” Martin answered.
“Do you mind if I test you?”
The doctor spoke into the microphone, “I am holding two stopwatches and an ace of spades from a deck of cards. I have started both stopwatches at the same time. One stopwatch does not make a sound. I will give this to Martin.” One click is heard on the recording. “Here Martin, take this stopwatch. I have started both at the same time. When I raise the ace of spades I want you to stop your watch.”
A couple seconds of silence pass. Then a click is heard.
“My stopwatch reads 5.09 seconds,” said Martin.
“I can confirm this and my stop watch reads 8.52 seconds,” said Doctor Wurzbach.

Subject 2:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Christopher Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 10:40 A.M

“So you are telling me you can test me using these stopwatches,” Christopher asked.
“Yes,” Doctor Wurzbach answered back.
“This is stupid. You see these cuts. This is my testing,” he emphasized the word my, “I’m up to seven seconds.”
“Amazing. Seven seconds, how?”
“I think the fear of pain increases the time.”
There is a long pause before it is interrupted with, “I’ve done some pretty crazy things in seven seconds Doc. I’ve done some gruesome things. I’ve even murdered people… some of them multiple times. I’ve murdered you twice during our conversation.”

Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:20 A.M.

“The bus was a mistake.”
“I do not understand, Martin.”
Martin hesitated and then said, “The bridge… Um, well… The bus drove off the side of the bridge. So I tried to stop it. I got up from my seat and ran down the aisle towards the driver.”
“What happened then?” the doctor asked calmly.
“I fell… and I caused the accident.”

Subject 2:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Christopher Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 10:55 A.M

“Why were you on the bridge Chris?”
“I was just…”
“Jumping off the bridge?”
“Well… yeah. How did you know?”
The doctor explained, “Seven seconds. That is plenty of time to stop you from killing yourself. But tell me… What do you see before you jump?”
“Nothingness. Complete and total nothingness,” Chris paused for a moment and then continued, “It’s just black and empty.”
The tape filled with static. As it slowly cleared, Doctor Wurzbach voice said, “What happened when the bus came?”

Subject 1:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Martin Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 9:24 A.M.

“As the bus swerved, I saw my brother standing on the wall on the bridge. He turned around and looked straight at me. He stared into my eyes. I saw it in his eyes. He could see the future too.”
“It happened so fast. He jumped towards the doors and pried his way in quick,” Martin took a quick breath. “He grabbed the steering wheel and kept the bus on the bridge. He saved us.”

Subject 2:
An excerpt from a tape recording of Christopher Stevens’ interview with Dr. Henry Wurzbach.
1/20/89 11:00 A.M

“The first thing I saw was me jumping onto the bus. I saw myself pry the door open but I had problems. So I tried it a different way. It was like I had multiple tries at everything.”
“So you saved everyone?”
“Yeah,” Chris said unenthusiastically.
There was silence and then the sound of a notebook closing.
“Well then I think we are done,” Doctor Wurzbach said.
“So that’s it. I can leave?”
“Yes. I believe that even after this frightful incident you can still live a normal life.”
“So… no more talking, no more test?  No scientist taking me apart or using me as a weapon.”
The doctor assured, “No. As long as you do not attract anymore attention you can go off living a normal life.”
“What if I do? What if I do want to attract attention? What if I do want to save people? What if I want to become a hero?”
“Then you must decide on your own if it is worth the risk.”

The voices faded out from the small tape recorder Doctor Henry Wurzbach held in his hand. He pulled the last tape from the recorder and lingered. He thought to himself, “I had a chance to save him,” before he tossed the last bit of evidence into the fireplace.

“Diary of a Madman” now at Amazon

The complete and professionally edited version is now available on Amazon here along with “The Horror Suicide Show”.

Diary of a Madman August 3rd

**Author’s notes: This is the third piece, the first is found here

The complete and professionally edited version is now available on Amazon here.

Diary of a Madman by L. Vera

August 3rd

Dear Diary,

What a great day. I could not wait to tell you how it went. I went down to check for mail and guess who I saw? Vanessa. I even introduced myself to her. I told her I lived across the hall from her and she apologized for not introducing herself earlier. She was traveling back and forth from her home town, trying to get stuff situated before college started.

She was more beautiful than I imagined. She was working on her master’s in English Literature. What a surprise, right? I told her I was a writer and had a couple of books published. We talked for almost an hour. We talked as we walked back to our apartment and she invited me to a party she was having on Friday.

She was really nice and quite beautiful. This may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Don’t worry Diary. You are still my best friend.

August 4th

Dear Diary,

I woke up really early today. I decided to go out and buy some new clothes. That’s where I met Julie.

Julie must die.

She seems like a really nice girl. She has Sarah’s eyes, green with a hint of brown. When I looked into her eyes I knew she will be the next one to die.
Diary, have you ever had to go to the restroom? Then as you get closer you have to go even more. Replace that feeling with hatred. That’s how I felt standing next to her.

The pain burns through my veins and tears through my flesh. It hungers for her death.

August 5th

Dear Diary,

Let me explain.

Die damn you die.

Please understand Diary. I didn’t have the guts to go to the party. I just stood at the peephole and watched all the college students enter sweet Vanessa’s room. Many of the girls were cute and clad in very little clothes. I could not help but stare as they stood waiting for the door to be answered.

There she was, she was more beautiful than before. Her smile filled my heart with joy. I never felt so happy knowing that she was happy. Then he showed up. He showed up with three other guys. They were all total jerks. They were discussing who they planned on having sex with that night. They called him T and he talked extensively about Vanessa.

The darkness covered the gruesome murder.

She stepped out with him hours later. They yelled, they cursed, they were drunk. They finally stopped when it looked like she was about to cry. I wanted to tear through the door and rip his throat out through the back of his neck.

He pulled in close and tried to kiss her. She pulled away and spit in his face. He slapped her hard. That’s where I snapped. The next thing you know I followed him into the street and followed him for a couple blocks and, then underneath a broken street-lamp, I stabbed him. I stabbed him three times and left him to die. I grabbed his wallet to make it look like a robbery but he wasn’t dead.

I did it for her.

He looked into my eyes and he begged for his life. I stroked upward through the bottom of his jaw. I gladly took his life and it felt good to see the life leave his eyes.

The hunger was not fully satisfied. It hungered for those green eyes not these putrid blue ones.

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