My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Diary of a Madman – August 11th

**Author’s notes: This is the sixth piece, the first is found here

You can find the complete, professionally edited and extended book here along with two short stories for $2.99.**

August 11th,

Dear Diary,

I thought today was a dream. It started when I went down to check the mail. It was just more bills and junk mail; no mail from Sarah. I was a bit depressed till I saw Vanessa. She was coming in with some groceries and needed some help. I grabbed the door for her, like a gentleman, and helped her out.

After I carried her groceries we had a little talk in her little kitchen. I got her talking about things other than boyfriends, the party and or anything else that would make her upset. It worked.

She had a bottle of whiskey in one of the bags and the next thing I know we were laughing and having a good time. She even said, “She hasn’t met such a funny and nice guy like me.”

The whole time I was plotting about how I was going to kill Julie.

June 19, 1979

Dear Diary,

I have horrible news. My mother told me that we are leaving to Boston. I told Todd today and he was speechless. He loves me so much; I could see it in his eyes.

Anyways, I’m just so scared and I just can’t stop crying. My parents continue to argue. My mother tries to whisper but my father could care less. It just makes the situation worse.

Sorry, to leave you like that Diary. Todd and I are in the woods. We are running away. I’m scared but I’m also happy. I’m glad to be in Todd’s arms underneath the beautiful moonlight. It’s very romantic. I just don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow. I just wish we could run away forever.

August 12th

Dear Diary,

I blanked out again, but this time it was only for a short time. He was up again. If I don’t kill Julie soon, he’ll be back. I thought I had him under control, but killing T has just made everything worse.

Tonight I will simply break into her house and kill her. I am getting desperate and my time is running out. I will write more later.

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