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An Interview With The Rootiness Tootiness Writer, B. R. Stateham

L. Vera: Wow, B. R. Stateham. I’m happy to have the chance to ask you a couple of questions. I hope you feel comfortable here at my blog.

B. R. Stateham: No problem, Luis. Always willing to have a conversation about writing, writers, my characters, and about creating story lines. A writer talking with writers, and fans of writers, is always a pleasant experience.

L. Vera: Thank you. Okay now with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get to the guts and blood. When was the last time you killed someone?

B. R. Stateham: Let’s see . . . it was day before yesterday, I believe. Wrote a Smitty story about Smitty having another ‘talent’ in his hit-man trade; that of being a professional ‘cleaner.’ Cleaning up the mess others leave behind. Come to think of it, in another piece I am writing (not a Smitty piece) a couple of characters are about to get whacked. Hmmm . . . bloody old fart, aren’t I?!

L. Vera: After reading “A Gift”, in Burning Bridges, I’m convinced Smitty, the cold blooded killer, is actually you. How close I’m I from the truth? And don’t tell me if you tell me you’re going to have to kill me.

B. R. Stateham: Mmmmmm . . . maybe deep down in the subconscious you might be right. I think both the writer and the fans find characters they identify with and secretly wish they could clone into. Certainly a few fans have come to enjoy the Smitty stories that way. The consummate killer who knows how to kill and disappear into the night? There’s something vicariously intriguing about that concept. We find that character thru several genres from Horror thru Westerns. The mystery/detective genre is full of ’em.

L. Vera: So what will we find inside the story, “A Gift”?

B. R. Stateham: An acquaintance of Smitty’s asks the killer to protect his only child from harm. He does, and in the process (and in an allegorical sense) gives the acquaintance an opportunity to cross a bridge and embrace a different life. A simple explanation, to be sure; but the story is a little more grimly painted.

L. Vera: Awesome. How many Smitty stories are out there? And where could we find them all?

B. R. Stateham: Oh goodness, who knows!! Smitty hopefully will last a long time. Currently I’m writing his first full length novel. And then I collect the Smitty stories when enough of them have been written and put them in an on-going anthology. Two of them are out now. Call Me Smitty: Dirty Little Secrets and Call Me Smitty: See You in Hell are available thru Amazon. As to where yo can find the individual stories I send them out to many of the on line ezines. And I share a few of them on my blog site In The Dark Mind of B.R. Stateham.

L. Vera: When you came up with the story, which came first, the title or the story?

B. R. Stateham: The story comes first. Always the story. The title usually comes from a line out of the story itself. For me it seems so easy to find a line or two that can be used for the title. But the story first (and I might add it’s usually first an image, or an idea, first set down and then the building of the story around that image or idea). I like writing this way. It’s fresh and exciting . . . and many times quite surprising . . . what comes along doing it this way.

L. Vera: How many more deaths should we expect in your writing career? (Please talk about future stories and books with your writing that’s coming out)

B. R. Stateham: Haven’t a clue! Currently I’m piddling with four novels I’m writing plus numerous short stories. There’s the Smitty novel (tentatively called The Ripper). And then the third book in the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales series (a couple of homicide detectives); and there’s the second book in the art thief/detective character named Jake Reynolds. And the third book in the Roland of the High Crags Fantasy series. So there’s enough there to keep me going for a long, long time.

L. Vera: That’s B.R. Stateham folks and I was glad to have him here. Don’t forget to read Burning Bridges hitting the #1 free spot on Amazon on Today. Also, check out B. R. Stateham at his blog, but tread lightly I swear he’s a cold blooded killer.


3 responses

  1. Luis, thanks for having me over for a chat! Enjoyed it.

    April 29, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    • Thank you for your time. If you ever want some Leo on a new book let me know. There’s always room for interviews and reviews over here. 🙂

      April 29, 2012 at 12:28 pm

  2. So great to be sharing two book titles with you right now B.R. 🙂

    April 29, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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