My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

Diary of a Madman – August 20th

**Author’s notes: This is the tenth piece, the first is found here

You can find the complete, professionally edited and extended book here along with two short stories for $2.99.**

August 20th

Dear Diary,

I’ve been watching the old lady down the hall. This kill is going to be easy. From what I can see out of the corner of my peephole, she leaves everyday at around 8:30 in the morning to get the newspaper and a coffee. Around lunch time she leaves the door open to her apartment till about 8 in the afternoon. She leaves it open for ventilation while she cooks and to air out her apartment.

She takes her smoke breaks around 1, 5, and 8.

I didn’t notice this earlier but Vanessa left me some messages on my answering machine. She mentioned that she will be away for a couple days and, get this Diary, she misses me. So overall, a good day. Tomorrow, will be even better.

The hunger

scares me.

Messages on Todd’s Answering Machine

You have 5 unheard messages.

First message.

Todd, it’s me Vanessa. I haven’t talked to you since Wednesday. I thought you were back in town by now. I hope you’re not avoiding me. Anyways, call me or stop by. I know this may sound weird but I feel lonely when you’re gone. Anyways, call me.

Second message

Mr. Casil, this is Tony, from Frontier Publications. I don’t know how to tell you this but we decided not to go ahead with To My Enemies. What you sent, well… It isn’t what we are looking for. It’s… Look it’s too depressing. A lot of this seems like dribble and crying. I talked to your agent William and we are discussing an alternative to fulfill your contract. William will get together later with you on this. Thanks.

Third message

Todd, buddy old pal. It’s me William. I got out of a meeting with Frontier Publications and looks like they are pulling the plug on your book. But the jokes on them. If they don’t put it out they still have to pay you. You won’t get any percentage from sales but they have to pay you the full bonuses for writing the book. So keep writing. I’ll see if I can find another publisher.

Fourth message

Todd, it’s me Vanessa. I’m leaving out of town for a class trip this weekend. I won’t be back till Monday morning. By the way, I loved your book To Sarah. It’s very beautiful. Whatever happened to her? Anyways, I’ll call you when I get back.

Fifth message



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