My collection of free short stories. Because nothing else in life is free.

An Online Devil

An Online Devil

A story from my new collection being published by Trestle Press.

Death . . . Where are you? Ariel typed into her account’s front page. One stranger was quick to respond.

UrD3vil: Here I am.

ArielSmilez1234: Who are you?

UrD3vil: Whatever you want me to be.

Ariel sat back in her chair as the screen illuminated her mind and room. Her hair was short, like her life. She blinked and wondered who this stranger was. A friend? A Creep? Death?

ArielSmilez1234: I want to know who you are? Are you from my high school?

UrD3vil: Is that where you want me to be?

The question swarmed around her mind, drilling away any conscience decision. Downstairs her parents fought. Yelling, screaming and slamming their way through her world.

ArielSmilez1234: Sure.

UrD3vil: Okay, my name is Danny. I’m from your high school.

Key-oot name she thought to herself. She actually smiled after reading his response.

ArielSmilez1234: So, danny. Tell me more about yourself.

UrD3vil: Well, I sit two seats behind you in Algebra.

Her eyebrow raised as she began to think about who sat behind her, but she had no idea who did.

ArielSmilez1234: Are you really from my school?

UrD3vil: Brown High School, right?

He was right.

ArielSmilez1234: um, yeah. How come I don’t remember you?

UrD3vil: I’m very forgettable.

ArielSmilez1234: I didn’t mean it that way. Sorry.

UrD3vil: It’s okay. I know you mean well.

ArielSmilez1234: Oh yeah. Maybe I din’t mean well. I could be a total bitch.

UrD3vil: Were you?

ArielSmilez1234: no. Why are you talkign to me?

UrD3vil: Because you called me?

ArielSmilez1234: I din’t call you.

She looked over to her cellphone encrested with cheap plastic jewels. She didn’t call him.

ArielSmilez1234: From my phone?

UrD3vil: No. here.

She scrolled back up her message and saw the post she had entered earlier.

ArielSmilez1234: Death?

UrD3vil: I kinda like Danny now.

ArielSmilez1234: Wait. I don’t understand.

UrD3vil: You called me to take you away, right?

ArielSmilez1234: I didn’t mean it.

UrD3vil: But you wrote it?

ArielSmilez1234: And, i was just being . . . i dont know. Are you really from my school?

UrD3vil: You wanted me to be, so I am.

Ariel was a bit confused. Was he or wasn’t he in her class? She grabbed her cellphone and quickly thumbed a text to her friend Kelly: Who sits 2 chairs behind me in Algebra?

UrD3vil: Still there?

ArielSmilez1234: yeah, you’re kinda scaring me.

UrD3vil: Sorry. I hate it when that happens.

ArielSmilez1234: Let’s say you are death.

UrD3vil: okay.

ArielSmilez1234: what do you want with me? And why are you chatting with me online?

UrD3vil: I want your life.

Ariel waited for a response to the second question but none came.

ArielSmilez1234: So why are you chatting with me?

UrD3vil: Because this is where you asked for me.

ArielSmilez1234: Bullshit. Then prove it.

UrD3vil: Silly, the only way to prove it would be to take your life. Are you ready?

ArielSmilez1234: no

She quickly typed her answer. Her phone vibrated, she had received a text from her mother: Out again. Food in microwave.

UrD3vil: Well, we don’t have all day.

ArielSmilez1234: I don’t want to die.

UrD3vil: Really? Then why do you cut yourself?

She felt the cut in her inner thigh throb as she read the line of text. She grabbed the ethernet cable from the wall and pulled it hard.


She felt relived. Her phone vibrated again. It was a text from Kelly: No 1 . It’s an empty chair.

UrD3vil: You still there?