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Two stories win first place in Good Guy’s Publishing Flashy Short’s Competition

You will find my short story “Confetti Skycade” and my shorter short, “Bubble Jet Fuel” in the newest “Flashy Shorts – The Sequel”. The both happened to win first place over at Good Guy Publishing and another story “Fallen Awake” was also mentioned as an honorable mention. So I think three stories will be published. I actually think these three are really great stories and if you are a fan of something a bit more washed with wonder, you should pick up this edition when it comes out.


Books can get you in a lot of trouble. That’s why I like them so much. – L. Vera

Sound + Noise

Just a few weeks ago, an FBI task force raided a home* in Portland, Oregon very early in the morning. They broke down the front door with a battering ram and threw in a stun grenade, which is non-lethal but produces a very loud and disorienting noise and a blinding bright light. The team locked down the building and secured the sleepy, compliant occupants. The operation was one of several which also occurred in Olympia, WA and Seattle, WA, involving some 60-80 officers.

Just who were these dangerous criminals, these domestic terrorists whose threat level is so high that an FBI team with stun grenades, battering rams, and assault rifles needed to burst into their homes in the wee hours of the morning?

Why, it’s these two young folks,

Leah-Lynn Plante:

and Matt Duran:

Reportedly, the FBI search warrant was for black clothing, paint, sticks, computers and cell…

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Stalker – Flash Fiction

She followed him, around the building and into the forest. He ran and then she ran, keeping up speed. He had forgotten something – her.

The Thought Fish – Flash Fiction

It ate thoughts and swallowed them like bubbles. The “Thought Fish” was once believed to . . . wait I’ve forgotten why I have one.

Want to review my book for free or request an interview?: Now’s the time.

I’m giving away “Diary of a Madman” also found here on Amazon for reviews on your blog and on Amazon. I only plan on giving a small number of them away but I’m willing to negotiate or help other authors as well. So if you want to swap reviews, we could do that as well. I just have to warn you, I’m more into speculative fiction and horror type stories or anything with a decent twist. 

I’m also available for interviews and anything else you can think of. (As long as it’s legal. Well . . . at least kinda legal.)

Just send me an email to with a link to your blog and a couple of your reviews you have already written. 

“The Horror Suicide Show” out now.

So I decided to self-published the infamous collection of stories that was responsible for the whole Trestlegate scandal. So without further ado I bring to you all for a $5 paperback. Also, use the coupon “RETAILMENOT25” to get it for $3.75. Buy it here.

“Silver Bullets”: A vengeful tale of love and immortality.

“The Online Devil”: Sit down and chat with the Grim Reaper – online.

“The Children That Watch Us”: A child’s grandfather finally grows crazy enough to fire his shotgun at his own family. After he’s put away, during the following Halloween the rest of the family learns why.

“The Horror Suicide Show”: In a booth where everyone can see you die, a woman takes her life. The others watch in amazement, because sometimes death is never enough.

“As A Dead Girl Rots”: Curiosity killed the cat and soon it will kill you too.

“Forever Tired”: A boy runs through a field for his life, carrying the only thing the murderous giant wants from him – his teddy bear.

“. . . Dinner With A Vampire. Bullshit”: A twist on the average vampire story. This time it’s the human’s turn.

Fallen Awake

Fallen Awake.